Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to Start a New Blog?

I just watched a very inspiring Wall Street Journal video, A Retiree Returns to Work, about a senior legal secretary at a large firm who retired for a couple of years but started looking for a job when her 401(k) lost 40% of its value. She said she enjoyed retirement, was very glad not to have to get up in the morning and face the stress of work each day. She now works 16 hours per week for a small firm and loves it, looks forward to going to work. She says that even if her 401(k) recovered, she would still want to keep working, because she loves the people she's working with.


I love my work as a lawyer / CPA serving small businesses. My clients are the greatest! Even at the end of very busy days I feel energized. Sure, there are bad days when things go wrong; rough times when clients can't pay their bills on time. But I can say for sure that even if I had plenty of money to live on for the rest of my life (which actually, now that I think about it, I have), I would not want to give up my work. I can't see that I'll ever have to, as long as my brain keeps working.

Anyhow, a significant % of working-age people who lose their jobs and retired people who decide to go back to work are choosing to start their own businesses. One of my missions in life has been to encourage people to work for themselves. Now seems like a good time to start a blog devoted to the concept of being one's own boss.

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