Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

One of the ways I make money is preparing tax returns for small businesses, so I am always very busy this time of year. I still find time to work on my land, but not much time for blogging.

The mesquite trees are beginning to leaf out, which (according to some of the farming mentors of my youth) means it's time to plant corn. The wildflowers are making the pastures look like Persian carpets.

Tonight as I sat in the garden enjoying an evening cup of coffee, a herd of about 20 deer passed by across the fence. So far, I have not had problems with them in my garden -- I fence small areas with 3 or 4 foot poultry wire. I think the deer do not like jumping into small areas. I may be deluding myself. After all, I've only been here a year. But I grew food at Altamira for 6 years and never had problems with the wildlife. Only with my neighbor's cows, who once got out of his fence and destroyed my entire corn crop.

I wouldn't mind eating a deer or two each year, but I cannot bear to kill them. I can kill chickens and snakes, but it is very hard for me to kill mammals. I killed a javelina once and cried all day (the meat was delicious, but the meals were not worth the sadness). If someone else kills them, I do not mind skinning and cleaning the carcass, but I cannot bear the moment between life and death. It's difficult for me even with snakes, they are so pretty and graceful when they are alive.