Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abbey of Regina Laudis

I do not know anything about this place, or the people who live there, other than what I have read online. Sometimes a place looks beautiful in pictures but turns out to be disappointing in real-life, but I have a feeling the Abbey of Regina Laudis is as represented, probably far better, because in real-life, you could smell freshly mown hay and hear the bells and the joyful sounds of the sisters' musical chanting.

Quote from Foundation History:

Robert Leather, an industrialist living in the area. He was a devout Congregationalist who cherished a piece of land he owned as a place of prayer. He wanted this pine-covered hill to be held intact and in perpetuity. He gave it to the nuns, knowing that they would care for it as a sacred place. This pine hill eventually became the heart of the 400 acres of land, both cultivated and wild, that comprise the Abbey of Regina Laudis today. <Foundation History)>

I found this monastery as I was doing a search on raw milk legislation. The sisters of Regina Laudis care for a small herd of Dutch Belted cows and sell the milk and cheese they do not need for their own use. Connecticutt residents are facing the same restraints on personal freedom that we are presently facing in Texas -- legilation that would prevent the sale of raw cow's milk except at the site on which it is produced, and then only to the ultimate consumer. I was feeling upset about the pending bill here in Texas, because I very much prefer the taste of raw milk over pasteurized. I have no educated opinion about the health benefits of raw milk over pasteurized, but it makes sense that some of the nutrients would be destroyed by heating -- certainly to useful bacteria would be killed along with the potentially harmful. Anyhow, I was feeling upset that I might no longer be able to buy raw milk at the Life Emporium, my neighborhood health shop when I came upon a story about the monastery. Learning that the monastery exists cheered me greatly. Just knowing that places of peace and joy exist in the same world as all the terrible stuff one hears about is vastly comforting.

The sisters have recorded some of their beautiful chants and sell them in their online shop, where one can listen to portions of some of the chants.

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