Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prius Does More Environmental Harm than Hummer

Things aren't always what they seem ...

Chris Demorro writes in the The Recorder (Central Connecticutt State University) that it costs $3.25 per mile to produce a Prius (expected lifetime of 100,000 miles), compared with $1.95 per mile (expected lifetime of 300,000 miles) to produce a Hummer. Worse, from an environmental point of view, the production of the Prius battery is highly destructive. And the advertised 60 mpg city, 51 mpg highway gasoline consumption of the Prius turns out to be misleading, because the tests that produced these results were done under unrealistic conditions.

The author suggests purchasing a Toyota Scion xB (production cost of $0.48 per mile) or a Chevy Aveo, which gets mileage comparable to the Prius's under realistic driving conditions.

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