Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Cotyledon Baby

I never stop being amazed by the speed with which seeds unfurl themselves. Not being a tomato myself, I see personhood in this dear little cotyledon. I think of a young human slowly rising up from a slumped-over position, stretching her arms out to the sun. I planted 16 tomato seeds Saturday, only 5 days ago. That same day I stuck cuttings from a Louis Phillipe rose. I couldn't resist pulling one of the cuttings out of the soil yesterday to see if there was callus forming ... there was!

Louis Philippe (Gueirn, 1834). China rose. It's said that one of these plants grew in the garden of Mrs. Emily de Zavala, wife of Lorenzo de Zavala, first vice president of the Republic of Texas.
I like the flowers for their uniqe fragrance. I had thought of transplanting the one I have in my garden in San Antonio to Lockhart but couldn't bear to disturb it -- it looked so peaceful and healthy as it was. Thus the cuttings.

Short biography of Lorenzo de Zavala:

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