Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Infection as a Cause of Obesity

Effects of Obesity on The Brain

This is one of the blogs I discovered while looking around the Web for
information on gaining and losing weight. I have to go to bed now, 
so I won't have another relapse of this cold, so I cannot write 
about this in detail.

The gist is that eating a fattening diet (that is to say, consistently 
consuming more calories than one burns) causes inflammation of 
brain tissue. One reason it's so hard to keep weight off after 
one has gained and lost may be damage to the portion of the
 brain that controls appetite.

There's also this on the AD36 virus, which appears to contribute to
 obesity in those infected:

Seven viruses have been reported to cause obesity in animal models by 
various research groups. 
We reported the first human virus, an adenovirus (Ad-36), which causes 
adiposity in chickens, rodents and non-human primates and shows 
association with human obesity. Our in-vivo  and in-vitro data show 
that Ad-36 increases adiposity, lowers serum lipids, increases insulin 
sensitivity and preadipocyte differentiation. 

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