Friday, December 24, 2010

Low-Cost Healthy Diet, Another Day

This is for Thursday, Dec 23:

Breakfast: 2 oz cheese $0.25  16 g protein
Cup of coffee with half & half  $0.05  Time to prepare: 2 minutes

Lunch: 1/2 large sausage link made fresh by local butcher shop $0.70. 5 g protein
Egg: about $0.15 ?  I'm not sure of the price of eggs, because I've been using eggs from my hens. 6 g protein
 grapefruit $0.05  Grapefruit is in season here, and I bought an 18 pound bag for $4.50 Time to prepare: 7 minutes

Dinner: 1/2 can minestrone soup $0.25 (this soup was on sale; I think the price would ordinarily be higher)
Added to soup: fresh spinach, fresh zuchinni, fresh green beans approx $0.75. 6 g protein
Pecans: Free. protein 3 - 5 g protein
Ricotta cheese dessert (this is a South Beach diet recipe, except I use whole milk cheese rather than low-fat): a scoop (about 1 cup) of ricotta cheese flavored with almond extract, sweetened with Stevia  $0.35.  25 g protein (can this be right? It's what I found at several sources online, but it seems awfully high) Time to prepare: 6 minutes

Bedtime snack: 1 cup milk 8 g protein $0.5 Time to prepare: 30 seconds

Total prep time: 15.5 minutes

Total cost for the day:  $3.05  If I had to buy the pecans, the cost of food for the day would increase by perhaps 25 cents. I don't think it would be more than that, given that pecans are in season at the moment, and unshelled nuts are less expensive than shelled ones that you buy in packages (also healthier, I'd think, since the nuts go rancid more quickly after they are shelled)

Throughout the day I drank mostly water, but did have two cups of licorice root tea, the cost of which would have been about $0.12 each. I have not been including the cost of herbal tea in the daily food calculations, because I don't consider it nutritional, but perhaps I should include it, in the interest of full disclosure. So if I add the cost of the pecans and tea, the total food bill for the day would have been  $3.54.
Total Protein: 70 grams (if the ricotta cheese actually has 25 g of protein)

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