Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Snakes

 Poor dead snake

Debris pile

I came upon a nest of snakes today -- these are clearly copperheads. No mistaking their beautiful skins. I messed up the skin of the first one when I killed the snake, so I have been more careful with the others, just to chop off the heads and leave the skins intact. Copperheads are pretty aggressive snakes. I found one in my house once, and the thing actually came after me. But it's cool today, so the poor things are moving slowly. I'd like to do something mean to whoever pushed all that wood into a pile. I've attached a couple of pictures to show what I'm up against. It reminds me of playing pick-up-sticks when I was a kid. I have to figure out which piece I can take off the pile next without making the whole thing collapse. What in incredible mess! And with the snakes in there too, and all manner of garbage -- soggy fiberglass insulation, parts of radios, bits of plastic. I wish I could find whoever made that pile and make THEM clean it up. It may have been the person I bought the land from. May have been some of the neighbors who thought they were doing me a favor by getting the stuff "out of the way."

You might ask, as one of my neighbors did, why I don't just torch the whole thing. There are four reasons I am putting myself at risk of  falling, being crushed, or being snakebitten:

1. It is a very large pile, and the fire could get out of hand and burn down things I do not want to burn

2. The pile is right under a couple of  trees, and I do not want to kill the trees

3. There is good stuff mixed in with the trash, and I do not like to waste stuff

4. There is toxic stuff that would make toxic fumes if I burned it.

Well then, you might ask, why don't you hire someone to do it for you, since you're a frail old woman? I dunno ... I don't want someone else to be at risk of falling, being crushed, or being snake bitten? It would be really expensive to hire someone, because it is quite time-consuming? Someone else wouldn't know what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of? I kinda enjoy doing it?


  1. Yikes. I can see you have reasons for doing it yourself. But please be careful!!

  2. Barb, snakes! Boy! We're having problems too with the red belly black snakes roaming the place (saw one yesterday draped around a mango tree up the back), diamond pythons and brown snakes in the shed. They give me the shivers but still I don't want to hurt them...hurry up winter! Be carefulin the meanwhile!