Friday, June 7, 2019

Petty Things That Annoy and Enrage

I spend probably 5 hours a week dealing with trivial things that I might be better off ignoring. For example, the 3 muhly grass plugs I ordered from Springhill Nursery.

The order was placed and paid for on April 22nd. I received a confirmation of payment with an estimated shipping date of April 29th. 

On May 15th I received 3 very dead plants. The tops looked dead, the roots looked dead, and the plants *smelled* dead. 

I emailed a photo of the plants and referenced their long transit time as the likely reason for their demise. I was told by reply email that the plants were suffering from transit shock and would no doubt "revive with proper care." I am a wildly optimistic person by nature, but even I had scant hope for a miraculous resurrection.

It is my sad task to report, these 3 weeks later, that the plants have failed to magically spring back to life.

I finally resorted to Assertiveness Level 1 and called Springhill to ask for a return shipping label so I could send the deceased plants back to them. This would allow me to inform my credit card company that I had returned the merchandise, and I'd be able to charge back the cost of the plants to the nursery.

At this point, the customer service rep assured me that a full refund had been issued. When I questioned the truth of this, on the grounds that no refund had appeared on me credit card, he checked again and came back with assurances that NOW the refund had been processed. 

The amount at stake here is $27.42 I KNOW I should have just written it off instead of spending a total of over an hour working on a refund. I'm ever a sucker for the Principle of the Thing.

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